Re: [nsp] 3640 + ATM reboot problem

From: Brian Wallingford (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 03:55:02 EST

Do you need to run on the cutting edge? If so, what features do you need
that aren't offered by another image? If not, take a shot at a more
stable image. In either case, open a TAC case so they can repair it in a
subsequent rev (it seems there are no official caveats for 12.6 just yet).


On 19 Jan 2001, Nick Bastin wrote:

:We have 4 3640 chassis, each with NM-1ATM25, NM-4T, and NM-1FE cards,
:running IP Plus image of 12.1(6). These boxes will run fine as long as
:we don't send any packets over the ATM links (you can set up the PVCs,
:etc.), but as soon as a packet is transmitted over the ATM link, the box
:reboots. Anybody seen this before? It does give a couple of errors (a
:counter error and something else), but I'm not near the box right now to
:transcribe exactly what they are. Each chassis has 64MB and 8MB flash.
:Thanks in advance.

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