RE: (nsp) IOS 12.0(15)S: Any Feedback on dCEF/CEF/VIP's on 75xx

From: Christian Panigl, ACOnet/VIX/UniVie (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 13:11:21 EST

    For those needing the history of this thread: (ff) and (ff)

    Now, 3 weeks later:
    meanwhile we have received RMAs for the 2 VIP4-80s (only one of the
    replacements is actually working, the other also crashes, another RMA is
    pending) and got the following Field Notice (March 5):
    Well, just that we have experienced a "slightly" higher probability of
    defekt boards ;-(
    We have disabled "flow cache" on the PA-2FE interfaces because of
    CSCdt07408 and verified that we are not running into CSCdt39968 and
    actually are now using IOS12.0(15)S1.
    It's running stable and we only had to reboot it once yesterday morning
    after a "%FIB-3-FIBDISABLE, Fatal error, slot 1: IPC failure" which
    might have been triggered by the online insertion of the VIP4-50s with
    the PA-2FEs.
    Proceeding with fingers crossed straight into a deserved weekend ;-)

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