Re: [nsp] 25xx upgrade question?

From: Robert E. Seastrom (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 00:09:35 EDT

You _can_ do upgrades over Frame. You _might_ have to be on the
console (or get someone else to be on the console and type stuff for
you) to diddle things to be just right. To wit, I think you need a
static mapping. Consult:


Marius Strom <> writes:

> fiddling with upgrading some of our legacy 2500 gear, i prefer'd the
> easy route of "copy tftp flash" which dropped up the handy "we'll help
> you upgrade" prompt. It did mention that it would shut down ip routing,
> etc during the upgrade, and this is not a problem.
> The test 2500 I tried it on was connected to the network at large by
> ethernet segment. However, some of my other 2500's are connected
> strictly by frame-relay subinterfaces. Will these copy tftp flash
> upgrades work over the serial interfaces?
> My first guess would be no since the router reboots through what seems
> to be the boot rom, which afaik is a (very) limited IOS.
> Any answers would be appreciated.
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