[nsp] 25xx upgrade question?

From: Marius Strom (marius@marius.org)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 22:40:15 EDT

fiddling with upgrading some of our legacy 2500 gear, i prefer'd the
easy route of "copy tftp flash" which dropped up the handy "we'll help
you upgrade" prompt. It did mention that it would shut down ip routing,
etc during the upgrade, and this is not a problem.

The test 2500 I tried it on was connected to the network at large by
ethernet segment. However, some of my other 2500's are connected
strictly by frame-relay subinterfaces. Will these copy tftp flash
upgrades work over the serial interfaces?

My first guess would be no since the router reboots through what seems
to be the boot rom, which afaik is a (very) limited IOS.

Any answers would be appreciated.

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