[nsp] 3640 ATM to Frame Relay config?

From: Dan Hollis (goemon@anime.net)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 15:43:43 EDT

Anyone have a sample config for ATM to Frame Relay?

3640:ATM - ATM:ILEC:FR - FR:3640

The 3640:ATM has NM-4T-IMA, ILEC assigned vpi/vci 4/47.
The 3640:FR has WIC-T1, ILEC assigned DLCI 17.

The ILEC is qwest.

I looked all over the cisco site for sample configs but they all appear to
be MC3810-specific configs, or configs for FR-to-ATM switching on the same
cisco, not ATM to FR over WAN on 36xx's.

The command 'encapsulation aal5mux frame-relay' that is repeatedly
referred to in cisco documentation does not seem to be available on
C3640-IS-M 12.1(6).


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