RE: [nsp] 3640 ATM to Frame Relay config?

From: Andrew Lee (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 14:58:43 EDT

You do not need to do interworking on the router because interworking is
being done by qwest on their network. From the router's perspective, it
looks like a frame circuit and an ATM circuit.

Qwest requires interworked frame circuits to be IETF encapsulated, so your
FR interface would look like:

int Serial0/0
 encaps frame-realay IETF

int Serial0/0.17
 ip address .....
 frame-relay interface-dlci 16

I also beleive Qwest uses snap encapsulation on their ATM with ilmi
disabled, so you would have

int ATM1/0
 no atm ilmi-keepalive

int ATM1/0.47
 ip address ...
 pvc 1-0-47 4/47
    ubr 1544
    encapsulation aal5snap

The 1-0-47 is the VCD, which you can adjust to any value you please as long
as it is unique on the router. Adjust the ubr and value to whatever the
circuit is actually (since you did not provide that info)

Let us know if any of this helped


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ATM-Frame Relay Internetworking. It's possible only with IOS 12.2

You can find more infos and configuration examples at


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> Anyone have a sample config for ATM to Frame Relay?
> 3640:ATM - ATM:ILEC:FR - FR:3640
> The 3640:ATM has NM-4T-IMA, ILEC assigned vpi/vci 4/47.
> The 3640:FR has WIC-T1, ILEC assigned DLCI 17.
> The ILEC is qwest.
> I looked all over the cisco site for sample configs but they all appear to
> be MC3810-specific configs, or configs for FR-to-ATM switching on the same
> cisco, not ATM to FR over WAN on 36xx's.
> The command 'encapsulation aal5mux frame-relay' that is repeatedly
> referred to in cisco documentation does not seem to be available on
> C3640-IS-M 12.1(6).
> -Dan

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