RE: [nsp] 3640 ATM to Frame Relay config?

From: Dan Hollis (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 15:31:45 EDT

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Andrew Lee wrote:
> You do not need to do interworking on the router because interworking is
> being done by qwest on their network. From the router's perspective, it
> looks like a frame circuit and an ATM circuit.
> Qwest requires interworked frame circuits to be IETF encapsulated, so your
> FR interface would look like:

Yes we discovered this the other day. We asked them repeatedly if it
needed to be IETF and they didnt know. We eventually figured it out
without their "assistance", by trial and error.

Now it looks like all packets over 80 bytes are being corrupted by
whatever equipment Qwest is using to do the ATM-DS1->FR-T1 conversion.
Some sort of Kentrox convertor box. They say they know how to fix the
problem but it is "against policy" to do it, whatever that means. They are
now telling us to get an ATM-DS3 to feed the FR-T1 site.

They also tell us we are the first customer in history to ever get
ATM-DS1->FR-T1 from them.

I guess this is off topic for cisco-nsp though :-)


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