[nsp] 1483 routed vs bridged.

From: Nimesh vakharia (nvakhari@clio.rad.sunysb.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 19:58:46 EDT

Here's the setup

Cisco-ATM termination ------------ ATM CLOUD ------------ Cisco26xx

I am considering a 1483 bridged configuration using IRB between Cisco
26xx and Cisco-ATM termination but I am being told due to the ATM cloud
requirements, i've to go the 1483 routed way.
        For a successful IRB config I understand that both the Cisco26xx
and Cisco-ATM termination have to be configured in the right bridged group
and all that and the Cloud is always transperant of wether you are doing
1483 routed or bridged. Am I correct in this assesment?



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