[nsp] 12.0ST, GEIP+, ospf.

From: Dmitri Kalintsev (dek@hades.uz)
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 04:55:05 EST

Hi good people,

I've stumbled upon an interesting problem: I have Juniper M10 running back
to back to 7500 with GEIP+ (prod. Oct 2001), and I can pass any traffic, but
ospf won't come up (and cisco's input packet counters woudnt increase at
all, but when I say ping over this link - they do) - cisco would think it's
DR, juniper would get stuck in Init state. IOS is a definite culprit,
because I've booted cisco box with 12.0(18)S and ospf session came right up
no problem. I've tried 12.0(18)ST and 12.0(17)ST2, both failed to bring up
ospf session. I doubt it's an ospf problem on cisco, because the very same
router would happily bring ospf session to very same M10 over fastether.

Anybody seen this? I need bloody 12.0ST, because I need LDP (and I'm in no
mood for going for 12.1E).


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