Re: [nsp] 1000baseT GBIC

From: Ian Cox (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 17:08:47 EST

At 05:29 PM 11/2/2001 +0000, Simon Lockhart wrote:
>Does anyone know if you can use the WS-G5482 1000baseT GBIC in anything
>other than a switch? The documentation says switch only, but it'd be far
>more useful if I could also use it in a PA-GE or a GSR GigE linecard.

The copper GBIC currently available for the Cat2900 and Cat3500XL is not
supported in any other products. The reason it is not supported is that it
requires a much larger current draw than a the GBIC standard specifies. All
other GBIC interfaces currently shipping on products do not provide enough
power for the WS-G5482 1000baseT GBIC. The Cat2900 and Cat3500XL were
engineered to allow for extra power requirements of this GBIC.


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