[nsp] ATM Network questions

From: TMS (tomek@absolut.iksik.net)
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 13:07:28 EST

I thinking about extension my network and my new network project
conception looks that:

                                                    ISP 1's Cisco
                                                        | ATM/OC3
                     ATM/OC12 ATM0/0/0
Cisco ATM2/0/0 ------------------- ATM0/1/0 Catalyst
7507 8540 MSR
                                                        | ATM/OC3
                                                    ISP 2's Cisco

Is this network-drawing is correct ? From my C7507 I want
create 2 PVC's to ATM Switch. Links from ISP's will be terminated
on router. Catalyst will be switching ATM CELL's from ATM0/0/0 to
ATM0/1/0 PCV 10/100 and from ATM0/0/1 to ATM0/1/0 PCV 20/100.

Maybe someone of you have similar network configuration ? I would
be gratefull if someone will post some ATM switch and
router configuration examples useful in this situation.


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