Re: [nsp] 12.2T and 4500/4700?

From: Gert Doering (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 05:03:51 EST


On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 10:45:03AM +0100, KF wrote:
> hmm since 4xxx series is EOL....

Actually, the 4500M and 4700M are only end-of-sale, not end-of-life yet.

On the other hand, you're right, the end-of-sale text specifically says
"12.2 main line" will be supported, and nothing about 12.2T.

Though, there *was* support for the 4500/4700 in 12.2(2)T, which is now
discontinued without notice.

Thanks once again to Cisco. Due to ever-delayed IPv6 rollout, they
finally managed to be so late with usable IPv6 releases that my test bed
routers for customer IPv6 aggregation are no longer supported. Damn.

Seriously annoyed,


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