Re: [nsp] 3600 chassis and module selection questions

From: Brian Wallingford (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 22:38:07 EST

Mike Roberts wrote:
> 1st question:
> Since the 3640 chassis ($6500 list) costs more than twice the 3620 chassis
> ($2900 list), wouldn't it make more sense in many cases to buy 2 3620s
> instead of 1 3640? (Shouldn't the cost/slot price go down when you
> increase the number of slots?).

Perhaps - it depends on the application. The 3620 has a weaker
processor, and will take up to 64M of RAM. The 3640 has a beefier
processor, and will take up to 128M. The 3640 is fairly well field
tested in a multihomed environment (already). As long as dampening is
enabled for BGP peers, the CPU seems to stand up fairly well with a
couple (or more?) full views and private peering. The 3640 has turned
out to be a bit more ballsy than even Cisco's people expected. With a
bit more processor, it could probably obsolete the 4700 (and for less $$
:) by virtue of its additional RAM.

If you simply need to pipe raw bandwidth to a few customers, the 3620 is
a great choice because of it's cheap density.

> That way, it is 'pay as you grow' and you aren't putting all your eggs in
> 1 basket.

Get smartnet. You'll probably find that IOS issues are much more common
than equipment failures. A smartnet contract, coupled with a reliable,
trustworthy vendor, is *probably* all you'll need. But don't quote me
on that :)


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