[nsp] 3600 chassis and module selection questions

From: Mike Roberts (roberts@carol.net)
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 14:01:14 EST

1st question:

Since the 3640 chassis ($6500 list) costs more than twice the 3620 chassis
($2900 list), wouldn't it make more sense in many cases to buy 2 3620s
instead of 1 3640? (Shouldn't the cost/slot price go down when you
increase the number of slots?).

That way, it is 'pay as you grow' and you aren't putting all your eggs in
1 basket. I accept the issue of having to manage 2 boxes instead of one. I
also accept the issue of traffic between the 2 boxes whereas otherwise it
could have stayed within the 1 3640. I am also not considering using these
for digital modems which I know requires the 3640.

A spare 3620 in case 1 of the other 2 failed would also cost a lot less
than a spare 3640.

2nd question:

If I want to have a box with 4 ethernet ports and 4 sync (T1) ports, is
there any reason not to buy 2 NM-2E2W modules and 4 WIC-1T cards instead
of 1 NM-4E and 1 NM-4T?

Again, it is cheaper and can be 'pay as you grow' and you don't need near
the same value of spares on the shelf. Plus, it is more flexible and the
WICs can be cannibalized for other platforms (1600 and 2600).


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