Re: [nsp] 3600 chassis and module selection questions

From: Jon Lewis (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 19:00:45 EST

On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Mike Roberts wrote:

> Since the 3640 chassis ($6500 list) costs more than twice the 3620 chassis
> ($2900 list), wouldn't it make more sense in many cases to buy 2 3620s
> instead of 1 3640? (Shouldn't the cost/slot price go down when you
> increase the number of slots?).

The 3640 doesn't just provide more slots. You're also buying twice the
DRAM capacity and (I think) a faster CPU. If you plan to do lots of BGP,
64mb (3620's limit) will obviously be outgrown before 128mb (3640's

If you need lots of ports and worry about having spares, it's probably
cheaper to use a 3620 and a stack of 2501's.

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