Re: [nsp] 3600 chassis and module selection questions

From: Hui-Hui Hu (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 18:58:11 EST

1. the difference wasn't so bad for us, I think we paid $4000 or so for
a 3640. Anyway, the CPU on the 3640 is faster, and it was really important
for us to have 4 slots on the same router to prevent ugliness (bgp). Also
FE cards and IOS licenses were so expensive we didn't want to buy two for
2 3620s. Generally my advice is to buy the largest router in the class.

2. I agree with buying 2 NM-2E2Ws, but keep in mind that if for some reason
you need to push 6-8 Mb/s serial (eg t1 inverse mux) you can't really do it
on a NM-2E2W (supposed max of 4 Mb/s), you officially need a NM-4T.

good luck.


: 2nd question:
: If I want to have a box with 4 ethernet ports and 4 sync (T1) ports, is
: there any reason not to buy 2 NM-2E2W modules and 4 WIC-1T cards instead
: of 1 NM-4E and 1 NM-4T?

Tung-Hui Hu (HH26)    Network admin and poet

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