sysmon-0.91.2 released

From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 20:04:52 EDT

        sysmon-0.91.2 is now released to the public.

        this provides some fixes for bugs that were recently found.

        attached is a brief list of changes since the last announcement
of 0.91

Changes for 0.91.2
        * change holdqueue managment stuff
        * change default maxqueued from 100 -> 75
        * some tweaking of the ping test
        * add some logging if there are a lot of objects and we can't
          queue new checks after some time.
        * fix bug with pmesg where we would core if one wasn't
          configured in /etc/sysmon.conf
        * make sensitivity a per-host configuration option
        * make paused data visible in html file
        * warn if more than one configured root
Changes for 0.91.1
        * fix for root = statement to be more tolerant
        * warn for multiple configured roots
        * fix for uninitalized variable
        * fix for percentage uptime to be correct
        * fix for improper variable casting
        * fix for sysmon check not detecting non-responsive daemons

        as always, please report bugs if you find them, coredump,


        - Jared

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