sysmon 0.91.3 released

From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 20:55:30 EDT

        sysmon-0.91.3 is now released. it contains a few minor bugfixes
and code that begins some of the support for ipv6 ping stuff.

        i've been very busy so can only work on bugfixes right now.
(let me know if you find some).

        as always, send e-mail to if you have

        you can grab it from

        here's a list of items (also see docs/CHANGES for a complete
list) fixed in the latest release.

Changes for 0.91.3
        * division by zero coredump thanks to Bengt Gördén
        * lots of IPv6 voodoo started to add ipv6 ping test.
        * fix solaris lex issue
        * make ./configure detect IPv6
        * fix some getuid/geteuid semantics that would cause pid file
          to not be written

        - Jared

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