NetBSD and sysmon

From: Bengt Gördé (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 05:32:00 EDT

I sent this message a couple of month ago but no answer. Appologies
for resending it but according to the changelog there is nothing
rellated in 0.91.10. I'm happy to help out debugging it but I don't no
where to start. I've checked some "systat inet" on NetBSD and it seems
that there is a lot of bad checksums received.



We had sysmon running fine on FreeBSD and about 80 nodes to monitor
with ping. We then moved sysmon to a NetBSD and put in 173 nodes to
monitor with ping. The thing is that sometimes sysmon sends mail
without there being an outage. I have monitored the log-files and even
sent some pings myself when sysmon says there is an outage. My own
pings went fine but sysmon reported outage. Anyone that have run into
this problem or knows about related problems with NetBSD? Or have I
missed something in the docs? I cant find any answer in the
mail archive or in the docs.

BTW. we have "config maxqueued 200" configured and we are using
ver. 0.91.9.




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