Re: NetBSD and sysmon

From: Simon White (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 05:37:24 EDT

10-Jun-02 at 11:32, Bengt Gördén ( wrote :
> We had sysmon running fine on FreeBSD and about 80 nodes to monitor
> with ping. We then moved sysmon to a NetBSD and put in 173 nodes to
> monitor with ping. The thing is that sometimes sysmon sends mail
> without there being an outage. I have monitored the log-files and even
> sent some pings myself when sysmon says there is an outage. My own
> pings went fine but sysmon reported outage. Anyone that have run into
> this problem or knows about related problems with NetBSD? Or have I
> missed something in the docs? I cant find any answer in the
> mail archive or in the docs.

I have had similar problems intermittently with RH Linux 7.1 (vanilla
install) but it appears to be OK now. The only reason I say this is that
it could be not NetBSD specific.

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