sysmon 0.91.11 / spawn program problems

From: Bruce S. Garlock (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 16:10:42 EDT

I am trying to get sysmond to spawn a program when a service fails, but
it does not work correctly. Here is an example of my /etc/sysmon.conf
file, with the relevant config information:

object imap {
ip "linux.server";
type imap;
desc "IMAP";
username "guest";
password "guest";
dep "linux.server";
spawn "/usr/local/bin/";
contact "root@linux.server";

And here is sysmond running in debug mode:

[root@linux sysmon_scripts]# sysmond -d
sysmond: 16:03:29 Starting System Monitor version v0.91.11
System Monitor version v0.91.11
sysmond started on linux.server
contact when 3/1
sh: command not found

As you can see, sysmond is not reading the spawn line correctly. Please

Best regards,


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