File size limit reached : Sysmon Logs

From: Simon White (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 07:04:08 EDT


I have only been running Sysmon a couple of days and noticed a little
problem; the logging seems to be extremely verbose. I could switch it
off but don't want to, since an archive can be very handy.

Sysmon died on me last night, and I just found out why. The log file was
2Gb. I am creating a log file by using

config logging syslog /path/to/logfile

I usually rotate logs automatically on a weekly basis. That the log file
got that big that quickly evidently means some tweaking is necessary;
the last few hundred lines were all saying Killing Stale Check - I
didn't check further than that.

However, the Sysmon that died was version 0.91.6 and version 0.91.7 is
now running, so maybe this will go away. Over the last hour the log file
hasn't grown too rapidly.

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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