From: Jared Mauch (jared@puck.nether.net)
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 00:58:14 EST

        I'm working on snmp stuff for sysmon, and want to get some
ideas of what types of things people would want to do.

        I'm thinking of the following:

1 = sysUpTime.0/reboot (ie: alert if uptime decreases)
2 = high threshold (ie: alert if it goes above that value)
3 = low threshold (ie: alert if it goes below that value)
4 = range threshold (ie: specify a high+low and alert if
        it is out of range
5 = exact threshold (ie: alert if it is != configured value)

        The other question is what should happen when snmp times out?

        should it generate an alert/email/page for that case?

        There would obviously be no real support for getting strings
except for possibly a "change" type of alert. ie: alert me if the
value changes from the inital query value. But I would not be
inclined to implement any sort of string-type snmp query. If you
think i'm wrong, tell me why :)

        Thanks again. Please send me any feedback you can think of.

        - Jared

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