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From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 14:54:28 EST

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 12:04:58PM -0600, Marius Schamschula wrote:
> Jared,
> sysmon is a tool I have been looking for, since I've got servers spread
> around in several physical locations.
> I compiled and installed sysmon under Mac OS X. I've got two problems:

        This isn't one of my test platforms but there
are people on the sysmon-help list that have/use OS/X

> 1) The entry in /etc/sysmon.conf for my routers will not take. sysmond
> gives me the following message:
> is not a valid dns name, not monitoring
> did not add object 133-router as it was not valid
> the corresponding entry is
> object 133-router {
> ip "";
> type ping;
> desc "ping-router-133";
> };
> I also tried this with the fully qualified domain name
> ip "";
> I also have the same problem with a upstream router. Is there a problem
> specific to routers?

        I think this is a "bug" with the C library on OS/X
whereby gethostbyname("") returns NULL. OS/X is the only
OS that does this that i've found.

> The setup for normal hosts, even a managed switch, seems to work.

        Yeah, you need to use hostnames ..

> 2) when exiting the sysmon application any text I type on the terminal
> (both on the Apple terminal and xterm) is not echoed. The command
> prompt is still there, when you hit return. Seems like a problem with
> (n)curses. I close the window and open a new one...

        you should be able to fix this by typing "stty sane"

        i need to fix it. most people use the webpage/statusfile
html stuff to check what hosts are down. If you want to work on fixing
it you are welcome to, but curses has driven me nuts.. the program
really needs to be rewritten (the client that is).

        - Jared
> Marius
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