[alcatel-nsp] Statistics using 5620SAM

Andhy Indarto andhy.indarto at indosat.com
Thu Nov 20 21:20:08 EST 2008

Hi Bruno,

I have already used open source RRDTool which is cacti to visualized the actual bandwidth for every physical interface on 7750, 7450 and 7250.

My company is on progress to build performance report using Infovista to have performance report on bandwidth, packet loss, IP SLA, CPU processor and other and we hope that infovista could monitor virtual/logical interface such as sub interface (dot1q encap interface), link aggregation, multilink bundle and also sap and sdp on the services.

Does any one have other experience for generate performance report for Alcatel 7750, 7450 and 7250 ?



andhi indarto


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Dear friends,


The company I work for has a large Alcatel MetroEth network based on 7750/7450 and 5620SAM. I´ve found it very dificult to measure the actual bandwidth used by services and interfaces.



Anyone could tell me the easy way to get traffic information? I´ve only been able to check overall traffic (cumulative), but not a snapshot of the traffic. 


Thanks in advance.





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