[alcatel-nsp] Statistics using 5620SAM

Kevin Billings kevin.billings at spirittelecom.com
Thu Nov 20 22:03:38 EST 2008

Hi Brunno

Are you looking at SAP traffic?  If so you can create a Scheduler policy and QoS policy and apply it to the SAP ingress/egress.  Once done you will have two OID's you can now poll to get SAP ingress/egress traffic stats.  This works great except for Lag groups.  There is a bug in the TiMOS code for LAG egress stats using Scheduler stats.

Here are the OID's you will need to poll:


If you walk these OID you should get couters vaules for every SAP on the node that have scheduler/QoS policy config under each sap ingress/egress.

Here is an example of one of my that I have setup:

vprn 5026 customer 5026 create
            description "TEST"
            router-id xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
            autonomous-system xxxx
            route-distinguisher xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5026
            auto-bind ldp
            vrf-target target:2711:5026
            interface "TEST_VPRN_5026" create
                description "TEST"
                address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/30
                sap 2/1/4.4.1 create                    ingress
                        scheduler-policy "T1x1_qos"
                        qos 13001
                        scheduler-policy "T1x1_qos"
                        qos 13001

MG-Soft SNMP Walk:  There were more then I listed here.

28: sapIngQosSchedStatsForwardedOctets.5026.606208837. (Counter64) 56291345911
28: sapEgrQosSchedStatsForwardedOctets.5026.606208837. (Counter64) 101151769618

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Dear friends,

The company I work for has a large Alcatel MetroEth network based on 7750/7450 and 5620SAM. I´ve found it very dificult to measure the actual bandwidth used by services and interfaces.

Anyone could tell me the easy way to get traffic information? I´ve only been able to check overall traffic (cumulative), but not a snapshot of the traffic.

Thanks in advance.


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