[alcatel-nsp] Bandwidth calculation for Bypass Tunnels in Many-to-one FRR

Sherry Iwamura sherry.iwamura at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 13:25:35 EDT 2009

Dear All,

I am evaluating the FRR support that will make use of many-to-one bypass
tunnels on 7750SR devices. It seems on 7750SR, FRR is configurable only on
the LSPs. This is different from Cisco and Juniper, where the bypasses are
defined on the PLR.

Does anyone know how we can configure the bandwidth to signal for a bypass
tunnel? Since the only place bandwidth can be configured is on the LSP, I
would expect the bandwidth configured on the LSP is related to the bandwidth
signalled by the bypass.

However, since this is many-to-one (facilities) FRR, a bypass tunnel can be
used to protect multiple LSPs. If there are two (or more) LSPs, each has its
own bandwidth specified in the many-to-one FRR configuration, how much BW
will the bypass tunnel signalled to protect the link that is shared by path
of the two LSPs? (I expect only one bypass will be created, let me know if
this is not the case for Alcatel-Lucent devices) Will it be the sum, the
larger, or any other value (like the all remaining reservable BW)?

Thanks a lot for your information.

Best Regards,

Sherry Iwamura
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