[alcatel-nsp] Automate SAM Provisioning through text/csv?

Kirby Files kfiles at masergy.com
Fri Aug 7 17:24:11 EDT 2009

Richard Lee wrote on 08/07/2009 05:10 PM:
> Thanks Guys,
> all useful information.. the XML looks a bit long winded, bit of perl
> might do it. It seems easier to do as Philip suggests, have a script
> telnet/ssh in and add the config direct, but I have been told that SAM
> v7 will not receive manual config changes from the nodes.

Well, it will notice and receive them. However, you typically have to 
manually accept/resync those changes.

> Another issue I have been warned about is that a change to a global
> policy on a node could be synchronised back to the SAM and could break
> a lot of services.
> Does this sound right?

Yeah, that's probably possible.

> Where can I get access to Alcatel docs? Is it something I ask my
> company for, or alcatel direct?

Your Alcatel account team would have to set you up with access on 
alcatel-lucent.com. Your access to different document areas will 
depend upon the products your company has purchased

> Giving up on direct db access

Good move.


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