[alcatel-nsp] Automate SAM Provisioning through text/csv?

Philip Matthews philip_matthews at magma.ca
Fri Aug 7 21:04:23 EDT 2009

On Fri, 7-Aug-09, at 17:24 , Kirby Files wrote:

> Richard Lee wrote on 08/07/2009 05:10 PM:
>> Another issue I have been warned about is that a change to a global
>> policy on a node could be synchronised back to the SAM and could  
>> break
>> a lot of services.
>> Does this sound right?
> Yeah, that's probably possible.

What type of policy are you referring to? A QoS policy? A "routing  
policy-options" policy? Or something else? I don't see how this could  

This does bring up one other thing. SAM makes sure that the many  
numbers that the CLI requires are selected appropriately. For example,  
service numbers at both ends of a service have to match. Your scripts  
will have to ensure these rules are followed. However, this is nothing  
new over what you have to do if you configure the routers by hand.

- Philip

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