[alcatel-nsp] Automate SAM Provisioning through text/csv?

GARCIA DEL RIO Diego Diego.Garcia_Del_Rio at alcatel-lucent.be
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Just to add some comments,

SAM will always pick up the changes done in CLI, so it will update its
own database accordingly (the node generates an SNMP trap for every
change and SAM follows on).

As for a change in a policy, what will happen is that as soon as you
modify the policy in the node, SAM will notice that the node is no
longer "in synch" for that particular policy. Only if you initiate a
"push" again from SAM will the policy in the node be overwritten. The
only way SAM will take the change on the policy and set it as the
"golden" one is if you manually open the policy window in SAM and tell
it to synch it from a particular node.

It will never push policies without you specifically asking it to do so.

As for the reference documentation, it is always available at the server
and you can access the whole API documentation directly from the help
menu in the SAM client.

Finally, if you have SAM 6 or onwards, the script editor (for service
templates and so on) provides a very nice way of simplifying the input
screens a lot and also shows the underlying xml script.


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On Fri, 7-Aug-09, at 17:24 , Kirby Files wrote:

> Richard Lee wrote on 08/07/2009 05:10 PM:
>> Another issue I have been warned about is that a change to a global
>> policy on a node could be synchronised back to the SAM and could  
>> break
>> a lot of services.
>> Does this sound right?
> Yeah, that's probably possible.

What type of policy are you referring to? A QoS policy? A "routing  
policy-options" policy? Or something else? I don't see how this could  

This does bring up one other thing. SAM makes sure that the many  
numbers that the CLI requires are selected appropriately. For example,  
service numbers at both ends of a service have to match. Your scripts  
will have to ensure these rules are followed. However, this is nothing  
new over what you have to do if you configure the routers by hand.

- Philip
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