[alcatel-nsp] Question: VPRN service: "auto-bind ldp" andSDPbindings

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RSVP signalled paths will be preferred over LDP signalled paths.

Therefore, you can keep using auto-bind ldp, and if you specify an RSVP based sdp in your VPRN, then it will be preferred for traffic to the remote PE. All other traffic will use LDP signalled LSPs.

Hope this is helpful.


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Ämne: [alcatel-nsp] Question: VPRN service: "auto-bind ldp" andSDPbindings

I have a similar question about VPRN auto-bind ldp.
Say, I have several PEs in my VPRN service, and now I'm using auto-bind ldp for my core. And assume now I want to specify one "special" path that goes from PE1 to PE2, for which I would like to use an RSVP-signaled LSP so I can specify some TE parameters.

For routes between the other PEs, I don't really mind and would just keep using the LDP signaled paths.

The question is 

1. Can I only bind this LSP to an SDP and specify Spoke SDP for this one, while keeping all the others auto-bind ldp? 


2. Do I need to disable auto-bind ldp, manually create the LDP-signalled SDPs and specify Spoke SDP for all these as well, in addition to the RSVP signalled SDP I'm interested in? 

I would prefer the first one since it would be a lot of work to create all these extra LDP- signalled SDPs. According to Wim's answer to the previous question, this would be solved by the new version by specifying auto-bind MPLS. However if there is already some solution other than creating extra SDPs I would be really happy.

thanks for your help.
Kila Hsu


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