[alcatel-nsp] Question: VPRN service: "auto-bind ldp" and SDPbindings

Kila Hsu hsukila at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 17:38:24 EST 2009


I have a similar question about VPRN auto-bind ldp.
Say, I have several PEs in my VPRN service, and now I'm using auto-bind ldp for my core. And assume now I want to specify one "special" path that goes from PE1 to PE2, for which I would like to use an RSVP-signaled LSP so I can specify some TE parameters.

For routes between the other PEs, I don't really mind and would just keep using the LDP signaled paths.

The question is 

1. Can I only bind this LSP to an SDP and specify Spoke SDP for this one, while keeping all the others auto-bind ldp? 


2. Do I need to disable auto-bind ldp, manually create the LDP-signalled SDPs and specify Spoke SDP for all these as well, in addition to the RSVP signalled SDP I'm interested in? 

I would prefer the first one since it would be a lot of work to create all these extra LDP- signalled SDPs. According to Wim's answer to the previous question, this would be solved by the new version by specifying auto-bind MPLS. However if there is already some solution other than creating extra SDPs I would be really happy.

thanks for your help.
Kila Hsu

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