[alcatel-nsp] alcatel 7750 bfd over lag support ?

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu May 7 15:53:06 EDT 2009

--- dineshbs123 at gmail.com wrote:
From: Dinesh <dineshbs123 at gmail.com>

Any idea if 7750 support bfd over lag ? , if so what  is it one session per
memebre-link , or one session   per lag ?.
what is the behaviour if a memebre link is down ?

Page 36 of the 7750 SR OS Router Configuration Guide discusses this and has a diagram.

"BFD Over LAG and VSM Interfaces

A second application for a central BFD implementation is so BFD can be supported over LAG or
VSM interface. This is useful where BFD is not used for link failure detection but instead for node
failure detection. In this application, the BFD session can run between the IP interfaces associated
with the LAG or VSM interface, but there is only one session between the 2 nodes. There is no
requirement for the message flow to across a certain link, or VSM, to get to the remote node."



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