[alcatel-nsp] Netflow/Cflow in 7750 (TiMOS 4.0 and others)

Julio Arruda jarruda-cnsp at jarruda.com
Thu May 7 16:27:33 EDT 2009


I've been handling more customers asking me about Netflow in the 77xx, 
and in fact I've just started some netflow monitoring of a couple of 4.x 
boxes (for now, they are in process of upgrading I guess), and I was 

1- There are any specific document on how to configure it with examples ?
2- Cache size, active timers and etc, are these tunable ? (maybe 1 above 
will answer this :-)

3- Any specific details on the implementation that people saw out there ?
(like in some other vendors, TCP flags are 'not there', in others, there 
is a limit of how many kfps can be 'generated' by the box, others, have 
'ingress netflow' as the best option, others can't care less if in/out 
is used)


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