[alcatel-nsp] cflowd on interface with IPv4 & IPv6 address possible - 7710?

Oriana Palivan oriana.palivan at fibrelac.com
Thu Oct 1 06:35:39 EDT 2009


I would like to ask you if there is a way of configuring cflowd on a
interface having both an IPv4 address and IPv6 addresses configured. It
would be great having the cflowd for the IPv4 packets, despite the IPv6

If this is not possible yet, do someone know if this is planned for coming

The router is a 7710 SR-c4 with TiMOS-B-7.0.R2

The CLI error I had:

A:05SRO111>config>router>if# cflowd interface

INFO: PIP #1331 IPv6 not allowed with Cflowd Interface

My cflowd config is:

A:05SRO111>config>cflowd# info


        active-timeout 5

        inactive-timeout 10

        overflow 10

        rate 1





            description "Export AS-Stats to mgmt"



Thanks a lot.

Regards, Oriana

Oriana Palivan
Network Manager

Fibre Lac SA
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