[alcatel-nsp] Cpu normal functionning values on a 7710 Sr-c4?

Oriana Palivan oriana.palivan at fibrelac.com
Thu Oct 1 12:04:53 EDT 2009

Hello all,

The cpu on my 2 routers 7710 SR-c4 (TiMOS 7.0.R2) has became quite high: 45%
avg, with values between 40 and 60% (with some pics at 100%). It is the IOM
CPU that takes most of the CPU.

Can somebody tell me if this values are ok for normal functioning? If yes,
what is the avg. value when I have to be careful and think about a hw

The last major changes are:

-       Firmware upgrade from 3.0.R9 to 7.0.R2. The cpu used doubled to 20%

-       IPV6 activated and used (1 IPv6 transit), 2050 IPv6 routes. The CPU
values doubled again to 40 to 60% and 45% avg.

Is IPv6 to much for the Hw I have?

The Hw details are:

1         iom-9g              iom-9g              up         up

A         cfm-9g              cfm-9g              up         up/active

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards, Oriana

Oriana Palivan
Network Manager

Fibre Lac SA
Av. Paul-Cérésole 24
CH - 1800 Vevey

Fixe : +41 21 923 31 52
Mobile: +41 78 889 32 06
Fax : +41 21 923 31 55
oriana.palivan at fibrelac.com
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