[alcatel-nsp] Accounting records and rollover times?

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Hi Jo, Ruslan, Robert

Both file-based accounting AND SNMP have been supported since day one.
We do not recommend to do heavy statistics accounting via SNMP though as
it involves a high load on the router and basically will take a long
time. Occasional stats retrieval or monitoring of network links via SNMP
should be fine though, even with fine timers. But if you have 10K VPNs
or 10s of thousands of subscribers, trying to retrieve the whole
accounting structure will probably take a long time and load the
system's CPU unnecessarily.

For XML based accounting, make sure the accounting logs are NOT stored
on CF3: though, but rather CF2: or CF1:. This is to avoid unnecessary
wear and tear on the boot CF card which is crucial to the router's

As for SAM's dimensioning and handling of the accounting files, I would
suggest you talk to your local account team or support representative to
get more info. In this case, scaling can change dramatically depending
on the frequency of the accounting files, number of nodes, size of the
database, number of external queries, etc.

Sorry for the vague answers, but if you need more information, please
don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

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On Apr 13, 2010, at 10:26 PM, Ruslan Pustovoitov wrote:
> Write accounting logs to flash is not a best way.
> Use snmp for accounting.
> Alu has per sap/subscriber/queue granularity for this metod.

They don't support that with anything except the very latest revision,
and they told us that using SNMP was still not preferred due to impact
on the switch.

Are you using this in production with a large number of interfaces and
SAPs?   Are you happy with the results?  Have you seen any load

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