[alcatel-nsp] Accounting records and rollover times?

Ruslan Pustovoitov rus-p at mostelekom.net
Fri Apr 16 01:28:18 EDT 2010

I assume that topic starter will use snmp accounting for some part of 
clients so-called juridical person who do not use dhcp.
For original subscriber you have to use radius accounting or flash of 

GARCIA DEL RIO Diego пишет:
> Hi Jo, Ruslan, Robert
> Both file-based accounting AND SNMP have been supported since day one.
> We do not recommend to do heavy statistics accounting via SNMP though as
> it involves a high load on the router and basically will take a long
> time. Occasional stats retrieval or monitoring of network links via SNMP
> should be fine though, even with fine timers. But if you have 10K VPNs
> or 10s of thousands of subscribers, trying to retrieve the whole
> accounting structure will probably take a long time and load the
> system's CPU unnecessarily.
> For XML based accounting, make sure the accounting logs are NOT stored
> on CF3: though, but rather CF2: or CF1:. This is to avoid unnecessary
> wear and tear on the boot CF card which is crucial to the router's
> operation.
> As for SAM's dimensioning and handling of the accounting files, I would
> suggest you talk to your local account team or support representative to
> get more info. In this case, scaling can change dramatically depending
> on the frequency of the accounting files, number of nodes, size of the
> database, number of external queries, etc.
> Sorry for the vague answers, but if you need more information, please
> don't hesitate to contact me.
> Best regards,
> Diego Garcia del Rio
> IPD Competitive Analysis
> 701 E. Middlefield Rd
> Mountain View CA 94043
> Mobile: +1 (415) 439-9420
> OnNet: 2852-2726
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> On Apr 13, 2010, at 10:26 PM, Ruslan Pustovoitov wrote:
>> Write accounting logs to flash is not a best way.
>> Use snmp for accounting.
>> Alu has per sap/subscriber/queue granularity for this metod.
> They don't support that with anything except the very latest revision,
> and they told us that using SNMP was still not preferred due to impact
> on the switch.
> Are you using this in production with a large number of interfaces and
> SAPs?   Are you happy with the results?  Have you seen any load
> problems?

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