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Andhy Indarto andhy.indarto at indosat.com
Sun Feb 7 23:32:19 EST 2010

Dear all,

I have a strange case regarding cron in 7705 and 7450.

My case is one of my colleague has config cron with the script and the
script have end of period on Dec 2009.

Somehow there is power failure that caused the node restart and after
restart the config after the line of cron is ignored, what I mean is in
command "admin display-config", I notice that the arrangement is config
port and config cron and after that config router etc until end, which
the boot process ignored all config afer cron.

Boot message error yaitu :


Attempting to exec primary configuration file:

   'cf3:\config.cfg' ...

System Configuration

System Security Configuration

Log Configuration

QoS Policy Configuration

Card Configuration

Port Configuration                    

System Sync-If-Timing Configuration

Redundancy Configuration

Cron Configuration

MINOR: SYSTEM #2534 Invalid schedule end-time year.  Specify either the
current year or next year.


MAJOR: CLI #1009 An error occurred while processing a CLI command - 

File cf3:\config.cfg, Line 1211: Command "end-time 2009/04/21 17:30"


CRITICAL: CLI #1002 The system configuration is missing or incomplete
because an error occurred while processing the configuration file.


Is there bug in Timos which I use 7450-TiMOS-5.0.R13.

Do you have same experience ? 


My solution regarding this case is modify the file config.cfg via
notepad because I have already modify using console but the can not
solve the problem.

Is there any permanent workaround for this failure ? or is there any
info for the workaround or solution ?


Thank you for your kind assistant.

Best regards,

andhi indarto

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