[alcatel-nsp] SAA Test Stats query via SAM-O/SOAP

David Schubert david.schubert at CENX.com
Thu Jun 17 09:30:45 EDT 2010

 I have a few saa tests running:


        test "100030_mep1-mep2"
                eth-cfm-two-way-delay 00:23:3e:9b:ca:cc mep 1 domain 2 association 100030 count 5 timeout 1
            accounting-policy 3
            no shutdown 

These are spooling to accounting-policy 3
I see the stats files on the 7750 act directory 


06/16/2010  02:11p                 675 act0303-20100616-175623.xml.gz

I want to query this data using the  SAMO SOAP interface; 
Problem is I dont know  what to use as the <fullClassName> in the SOAP query to get saa test stats - I cant find it anywhere in the docs
I have tried 
But SAM always returns no results

ex: for SAP packet stats <fullClassName>service.CompleteServiceIngressPacketOctetsLogRecord</fullClassName> works well

What <fullClassName> do I use in SOAP requests to saa test stats?


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