[alcatel-nsp] unbalanced traffic on GigEs in a LAG

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Mon Mar 8 15:26:43 EST 2010

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I am seeing several cases of Gigabit Ethernet circuits in a LAG with a
large difference in traffic levels.  For example, in one LAG I have one
GigE at 45Mbps and the other at 550Mbps.  Has anyone else seen this and
have an understanding of why?  It's only on a few LAGs in a network of
many LAGs.

--- Wim.Henderickx at alcatel-lucent.com wrote:

Can you tell which services are running on the LAG ?

These're between 7750-to-7750 core MPLS routers.  We use many services, such as VPRNs, VPLSs and epipes, but they all don't extend to all access 7450s.  So it'd be realy hard to tell.  

Do some service types cause a different hashing such that I'd see a very large difference in traffic?  In a network with many 10s of LAGs only 2 are exhibiting this behavior.  Both LAGs are made up of 2 GigEs.  One is balancing at 42Mbps/550Mbps and the other is 65Mbps/230Mbps.



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