[alcatel-nsp] Alcatel 6400/6850/GPON ISAM questions

Ruslan Pustovoitov rus-p at mostelekom.net
Mon Apr 11 05:42:45 EDT 2011

Does ont understand XML or I have to use AMS as a parser of XML file for 
provisioning ?

I know some other problem with ALU gpon )
For example new soft appear very often especially for voip functionality ))
If olt has user vlans configured I must use Solaris server (only on 
Sparc) for beckup/restore operations.
Then I must setup olt from a null point i.e. from IP address via console.
If I try to talk with alu TAC for some problem without up to date 
software they force me for upgrade.

Smith, Anton (Anton) пишет:
> Hi ruslan, you can use the XML interface on the ams to connect with your provisioning system I believe.
> Regards anton
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> On 11 apr 2011, at 08:43, "Ruslan Pustovoitov" <rus-p at mostelekom.net> wrote:
>> Hi Adam
>> I work with 7342 olt and I-241G-A ont and setup this equipment via TL1 
>> and telnet.
>> But I spent about three month for self studying.
>> The most serious problem with it is large granularity in command prompt 
>> and need for using TL1 because all gpon functionality is configured via TL1.
>> From telnet session you can configure only shub (internal switch).
>> If you will use AMS to hide this complexity you can't setup ont form 
>> your own provisioning system.
>> If you have a specific questions I will try to aswer.
>> Adam Armstrong пишет:
>>> On 05/04/2011 21:39, JOHNSON, ALASTAIR (ALASTAIR) wrote:
>>>> Hi Adam,
>>>> There's multiple approaches to ONT provisioning on the GPON 
>>>> platforms, typically either pre-provisioning (based on ONT serial 
>>>> number) or reactive provisioning (based on the OLT detecting the ONT 
>>>> on the network).
>>>> Once the ONT is provisioned onto the network with location and 
>>>> capabilities, you then provision ports and services. The 5520 AMS 
>>>> makes all of this relatively straight forward.
>>> Forgive me if I trust your opinion on this as much as trust Cisco's 
>>> opinion on how good ISC and Ciscoworks is.
>>> I was hoping for real-world experiences from customers :)
>>> adam.
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