[alcatel-nsp] Configure Link Aggregation on Alcatel Router 7750

Garcia Del Rio, Diego (Diego) diego.garcia_del_rio at alcatel-lucent.com
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Also, you have to set the autonegotiation of the ports to disabled or limited if they are not 10G ports. You can do so as;
config port x/y/z ethernet autonegotiate limited

Otherwise you can't add them to a lag as they must all have the same speed. 

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On 29/07/11 08:04, Nguyen Hoang Nam wrote:
> I have config Link aggregation 2 link 1Gbps between Huawei Router
> and Alcatel Router. Anyones have template config please help.

Assuming your Huawei supports LACP, something like:

conf lag 1
port 1/1/1
port 1/1/2
lacp active
no shutdown
router interface foo
port lag-1

Troubleshoot with:

    sh lag 1 detail
    sh lag 1 statistics
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