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Hi Alexander,

We have a few customers running mrai=1 second and it works well enough. On a RR node though, keeping mrai=1 after a bootup can slow down convergence a bit as it reduces the chance to pack updates from peers.

A recommendation in that case would be to use the "boot-good-exec" and cron jobs to set mrai=30 just after bootup and keep it at that value for 10 to 15 minutes (or however long takes you RR to converge and a safety margin) and only then set mrai=1 for fast update propagation.

Keep in mind that route-removals are not constrained by mrai.

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This is true, especially for address-family with full view.
But also true is that in bgp/mpls vpns often there are no many peering points and no full view of internet routes. 30sec restriction significantly reduces convergence time in this networks, especially in redundant topologies.
So it is common practice, from "another vendor" for example, to set default time for eBGP sessions in GRT equal to 30 secs, but to set it equal to zero secs for iBGP and for PE-CE sessions in VPNs.

Ok. My main question is- may be somebody know something important about ALU routers that can have a serious negative impact when setting advertisement equal to 1 sec?


07.06.2011 01:03, Thedin Guruge пишет:
Hi Alexander,

As depicted by the config itself, it determines the interval at which routes are advertised to peers, having it at 1 sec will set BGP to be more chatty..which isn't a common desire.



On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:26 PM, Alexander Saveliev <saveliev at mostelekom.net<mailto:saveliev at mostelekom.net>> wrote:

Does anybody know what's the point for choosing min-route-advertisement=30sec in all BGP processes by default? Why not 1sec for example?

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