[alcatel-nsp] bgp min-route-advertisement

Alexander Saveliev saveliev at mostelekom.net
Wed Jun 8 03:19:31 EDT 2011

Hello Diego,

Thank You very much. I will use this timer.

I've just noticed there is a mistake in my last post. I meant "increase" 
instead of "reduce". Forgive me my poor English.

Thanks again,

07.06.2011 12:50, Garcia Del Rio, Diego (Diego) пишет:
> Hi Alexander,
> We have a few customers running mrai=1 second and it works well 
> enough. On a RR node though, keeping mrai=1 after a bootup can slow 
> down convergence a bit as it reduces the chance to pack updates from 
> peers.
> A recommendation in that case would be to use the "boot-good-exec" and 
> cron jobs to set mrai=30 just after bootup and keep it at that value 
> for 10 to 15 minutes (or however long takes you RR to converge and a 
> safety margin) and only then set mrai=1 for fast update propagation.
> Keep in mind that route-removals are not constrained by mrai.
> Diego Garcia del Rio
> Product Management, IPD
> Mountain View,CA
> +1 (415) 439-9420
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> Hello,
> This is true, especially for address-family with full view.
> But also true is that in bgp/mpls vpns often there are no many peering 
> points and no full view of internet routes. 30sec restriction 
> significantly reduces convergence time in this networks, especially in 
> redundant topologies.
> So it is common practice, from "another vendor" for example, to set 
> default time for eBGP sessions in GRT equal to 30 secs, but to set it 
> equal to zero secs for iBGP and for PE-CE sessions in VPNs.
> Ok. My main question is- may be somebody know something important 
> about ALU routers that can have a serious negative impact when setting 
> advertisement equal to 1 sec?
> Thanks,
> Alexander
> 07.06.2011 01:03, Thedin Guruge пишет:
>> Hi Alexander,
>> As depicted by the config itself, it determines the interval at which 
>> routes are advertised to peers, having it at 1 sec will set BGP to be 
>> more chatty..which isn't a common desire.
>> Regards,
>> Thedin
>> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:26 PM, Alexander Saveliev 
>> <saveliev at mostelekom.net <mailto:saveliev at mostelekom.net>> wrote:
>>     Hello,
>>     Does anybody know what's the point for choosing
>>     min-route-advertisement=30sec in all BGP processes by default?
>>     Why not 1sec for example?
>>     Thanks,
>>     Alexander
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