[alcatel-nsp] How to disable periodic CSNP on p2p ethernet links

Yuri Shefer shefys at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 13:51:07 EST 2013


Is there any way to disable periodic CSNP over P2P ethernet links on 7750?
IMHO, it is too aggressive to have 5 second interval and it is not really
required by the standard.

The TiMOS' "csnp-interval" allows you to configure it in the range of
1-65535 seconds.

Other vendors:
- the Cisco's IOS defaults is to suppress periodic CSNP's over p2p ethernet
link (if "isis network point-to-point" configured under the interface);
- the JunOS allows you to suppress the periodic CSNP's by configuring
"csnp-interval disable" under the interface.

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