[alcatel-nsp] How to disable periodic CSNP on p2p ethernet links

Greg Hankins ghankins at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 18 19:20:38 EST 2013

Hi Yuri, there is currently no way to disable periodic CSNPs.  We made a
conscious decision to implement an interval range, since sending periodic
CSNPs can provide a little more robustness.

You can set the interval up to 65535 (> 18 hours), if you want to increase
the periodic CSNP interval.

We haven't seen any performance or interoperability issues with periodic
CSNPs, if you are seeing issues please contact me privately and we'll
figure it out.

Kind regards,
(works for Alcatel-Lucent)

Greg Hankins <ghankins at mindspring.com>

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Is there any way to disable periodic CSNP over P2P ethernet links on 7750?
IMHO, it is too aggressive to have 5 second interval and it is not really
required by the standard.

The TiMOS' "csnp-interval" allows you to configure it in the range of
1-65535 seconds.

Other vendors:
- the Cisco's IOS defaults is to suppress periodic CSNP's over p2p ethernet
link (if "isis network point-to-point" configured under the interface);
- the JunOS allows you to suppress the periodic CSNP's by configuring
"csnp-interval disable" under the interface.

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