[alcatel-nsp] Low voltage condition causes CPM2 and IOM2 to fail

Koch, Andrew andrew.koch at tdstelecom.com
Wed Jun 26 17:10:07 EDT 2013

We have run into a couple instances where on a -48v DC system, we have had the office voltage drop below 42v.  When this occurs, the CPM2 and IOM2 on our 7750 routers fail to restore when appropriate power levels are restored.  In both instances, multiple components (both CPMs, or multiple IOMs) have simultaneously failed to boot on the chassis. These failed components do not POST.  It appears some type of memory corruption or zeroing occurs.

Has anyone else seen these troubles?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Andy Koch
TDS Telecom - IP Network Operations
andrew.koch at tdstelecom.com

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