[alcatel-nsp] L3VPN VRF Configuration in 7750

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Wed Jan 22 00:33:44 EST 2014

It is not easy for me to know what you are trying to do :-) but a couple of tips:

  *   first you need to make sure your mp-bgp session between both is up.
     *   That is configured in the base router context of the 7750: config>router>bgp, not within the VPRN context (the bgp context withint VPRN is for ce-pe BGP).
     *   make sure you have your neighbor properly configured and the vpn-ipv4 (or/and v6) family
     *   this is an example for an internal peer. If you need eBGP then you will need to add

>config>router>bgp# info
            group "internal"
                family vpn-ipv4
                type internal
            no shutdown

  *   once the bgp session is up (show router bgp summary), you can configure the VPRN
  *   make sure you have the route-distinguisher configured: I can’t see it below
  *   the spoke-sdps under the ip interfaces are only required if you are terminating PWs into the VPRN IP interface, not for the PE to PE connection. For that, you only need the auto-bind ldp command, route-distinguisher, route-target and the mp-bgp vpn-ipv4 family up.

Check the 7750 SROS services guide for examples.

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Subject: [alcatel-nsp] L3VPN VRF Configuration in 7750

Dear All,

I need to some help to transform the following setting in Juniper MX to make able to communicate with 7750. At the moment, I am having a network with mixture of L2 and L3. L2 traffic basically runs fine with VPLS configuration. I've asked around and someone told me that I need SDP and VPRN in order to have this setup works for L3. Well, I already have SDP in place which being used by other services such as EPIPE and VPLS.

The following configuration is what in my Junipers:-

    instance-type vrf;
    interface ge-1/0/0.222;
    interface ge-1/0/0.333;
    route-distinguisher 65001:19;
    vrf-target target:65001:11;
    routing-options {
        static {
            route next-hop;

So, back to helps needed:-

1.    Based on the configuration statement below in 7750, did I configured it correctly?

        vprn 1 customer 1 create
            no shutdown
            auto-bind ldp
            vrf-target target:65001:11
            interface "MX960" create
            interface "VLAN222" create
                spoke-sdp 1:222 create
                group "MX960"
                    peer-as 65001

2.      When I did "show router bgp summary", it returned with error "OpenSent", where did I made mistake?

3.      Any sample configuration would be great help.

Do let me know if more information is required.

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