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Wed Sep 13 23:16:22 EDT 2017

Unrelated, but my main driver with NGPON2 was to be able to have a
GPON OLT and an NGPON2 OLT on the same fibre so I can migrate away
from a certain grief causing vendor one ONT a time.

>From what I read about the way NGPON2 manages wavelengths/which
wavelengths are used I think what I want to do should be possible.

It also looked like running multiple OLT's on the same fibre was
entirely possible for various reasons also due to the above.

On 12 September 2017 at 14:15, Philip Olsson <philip at teleservice.net> wrote:
>> Shane wrote:
>> We utilize the 5529 Access Provisioning Center (APC) that is part of 5520
>> AMS. It offers a SOAP interface for templating services. It is fully integrated
>> with our computer aided dispatch system to allow for plant inventory to be
>> associated with premise information. We do just in time activation based off
>> of our billing and facility management systems as orders move through the
>> activation workflow.
> Did you try to do the provisioning backend yourself first or did you go with APC/AMS from the beginning? APC/AMS might be a bit cost prohibitive for us, but we are pricing different options such as 'AMS-in-the-cloud', even if that sounds non desirable.
>> One issue that happens fairly often in our deployment is that ONTs are
>> connected to the wrong splitter lead in our cabinets, and thus the ONT
>> appears on another OLT. We use the alarm raised by the OLT for new
>> unconfigured equipment to determine that the ONT that was scanned onto a
>> premise is appearing on the wrong circuit (PON) and then notify our outside
>> plant technician of the mistake. This alarm is raised very quickly since we are
>> doing immediate provisioning based off of the equipment scan.
> Yes, this is something I expect will happen.  The system really seems to want to know the exact location of ONTs.
>> This was heavy to implement as you put it. We actually deployed the 7342
>> chassis first and then moved to 7360 after years of deployment of GPON. We
>> have deployed NG-PON2 on the 7360 as well for 10Gbps services.
> Interesting, what is your main driver for NG-PON2? We are going GPON and I feel that 2.5G/1.25G should be plenty for residential applications. But perhaps you use PON for business also?
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> Philip
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